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Practical Information

Front Desk
The Front Desk will be located in the entrance to the Octagon Centre. Open Friday 17:00-02:00, Saturday 08:30-01:30, Sunday 08:30-17:00. This is where you will come to collect wristbands and merchandise when you arrive. You can contact us on 07519 717071.

What should I bring with me?
Please don’t bring more than you can carry but here are some useful suggestions:

  • Clothes (You’ll want lighter clothing and flat shoes you can dance in but also something you can wear outside.)
  • Sleeping bag (plus a blanket if you want some extra warmth)
  • Sleeping mat or air mattress (and pump)
  • Pillow (or you can just use a wadded up jumper)
  • Wash bag
  • Towel
  • Money for food and drink (though cash machines are available nearby)
  • Instrument(s) if you play one
  • Sticking plasters
  • Earplugs (not essential, but can be helpful at the busier indoor camping venues)

Stewards will be wearing yellow t-shirts and will help with any queries (if you’re nice to them). If they ask you to do something, please try to help – if there are any issues, please contact the committee on the number above.

First Aid
First aid will be provided by the Students’ Union security staff. They will be based in the Octagon; please ask a steward for help or contact the front desk on the number above.

There will be a baggage storage near the front desk; information about opening times will be available at the front desk.

Lost Property
If you find any lost property, please give it to a steward. If you have lost some property, ask at the venue where you think you lost it and then at the front desk.

IVFDF T-shirts are on sale at the front desk. Stocks are limited, though, so get one early if you want one! Online pre-orders can also be collected from here.

If you need weekend parking close to the university we recommend Durham Road car park. Unfortunately there is a charge for this, but the car park is adjacent to the main venue. Street parking is almost all permit-based in the vicinity and you are very likely to get ticketed. Disabled permit holders may use any A, B, C or R car parks (look for dark blue University of Sheffield signs) and have exclusive use of disabled bays. The closest one to the dance venues is the Arts Tower.

WiFi at the university is available through eduroam for students and the WifiGuest network for others.

Cash Points
There are multiple cash points in the Students’ Union; the closest to the Octagon can be found just outside the main entrance to the Students’ Union.

We are committed to making IVFDF a safe and inclusive event for all. If you have any concerns about an under 18 year old, someone in distress or someone who is asking for help please contact a steward immediately. All our stewards have been briefed on how to proceed. All under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult (either parent guardian or someone designated by the parent/guardian. Unfortunately we cannot offer indoor camping for under 18s and some areas are off-limits to them after midnight. Under 18s will have orange wristbands so please be mindful of this and do not buy alcoholic drinks on their behalf. We will be following the University of Sheffield Students Union safeguarding policy and protocol, which is displayed in full in all venues.

Photography may be taken at any of our events. In compliance with the child safeguarding policy, please don’t include under 18s (with orange wristbands) in any photos you take. If you do not wish to be included in any photos, please speak to the front desk for advice. If somebody asks you not to take a photo of them, please don’t. If you take any photos including people who may not be aware that a photo is being taken (e.g. of the whole dance floor) please contact us after the festival so we can check them before you share them.

All the venues in the University and Students’ Union and all but one of our sleeping venues are wheelchair accessible, though some are somewhat convoluted – they are however marked on our map.
If you need to escape from the noise and bustle of IVFDF then we have a quiet space in Gallery Room 3 on Level 3 of the Students’ Union. We ask people to avoid playing instruments here and to talk quietly if at all.
More detailed accessibility information is available on the Accessibility page.

Your wristband is your ticket, please look after it. It will be checked on entry to every event.

Showers are available at the Goodwin Sports Centre (see the sleeping venues map). Show your wristband at the reception desk for access. The Sports Centre is open 8am-6pm.

Food and Drink
For on-site food Interval Cafe Bar, Coffee Revolution, and the View Deli (veggie/vegan) will be serving breakfast from 8am. Interval will then be serving a full food menu from 11am til 9pm while Bar One will also be serving food 12pm til 9pm. Beyond that the university is close to Sheffield city centre and there are numerous restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets within a few minutes’ walk of the venues.

There is a bar at the Octagon, which will be open during the evening dances. Drinks can be taken through to Uni Central. At other times there is a bar in Interval but be aware that unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions you cannot take drinks from Interval into the Octagon.

Craft and Tea Room
If you are tired of the madness of IVFDF and want to chill for a while, come to the craft and tea room, located in Octagon Meeting Room 4. There will be plenty of crafty stuff to play around with as well as tea making facilities.
Do you want to run an impromptu craft workshop? Speak to the people on the front desk and let them know what time. Workshops are an hour long. You can do this at any point when the room is open (including during the Display Ceilidh). Please give as much warning as possible (i.e. if you want to run a workshop on Saturday let the front desk know on Friday!) You can use the materials in the room, but please make sure there are enough left for other people. We can’t guarantee the availability of materials as they are all free for everyone to use.

Changes to the Programme
Any changes to the programme will be announced via Facebook and advertised at the front desk, and we will try to announce them at dances.

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