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Welcome to our stewarding page – you can apply to be a steward for IVFDF 2018 on the form below. Please read the information first, and if you’ve any questions, drop us an e-mail at

What does being a steward entail?

Stewarding jobs are pretty varied, and there’s something for just about everyone to do. Jobs include checking wristbands, greeting people, giving directions and answering questions. We’ll also need help moving kit around our various venues, and with setting up and taking down. There will also be tickets to sell, sleeping venues to supervise, and wake up calls to be done, so if you want to help, there will be something for you to do.

What do I get out of being a steward?

Stewards are what keep IVFDF working as it does, and make the committee very happy. If that’s not enough on its own, you will also get either a reduced price or free weekend ticket in return for your work – this will be refunded off the price of your ticket after IVFDF itself. You’ll also get a free steward t-shirt and the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped another IVFDF run successfully!

I’ve never done this before, can I still help?

Absolutely! If you’re new to this, we’ll make sure you’re with someone else so you’ll find your way just fine. Most jobs are relatively simple, so you’ll be just fine, and there will always be someone to contact if you get stuck.

I think I can only afford to come if I’m a steward, help?

If this is a problem for you, i.e. being a steward will make a difference to whether you can come at all, please let us know at the bottom of the form.

The Small Print

If you sign up to steward for us, there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind:

  • The reduced/free tickets will be refunded after the festival. This means you buy your ticket beforehand, and once you have completed your shifts, you will get your money back.
  • To get your reduced/free ticket, you must turn up to your allocated shift(s) on time and complete them as planned; if this does not happen, you will not receive your refund.
  • If this is not possible, you need to let us know asap so we can find a replacement and redeploy you as appropriate; we accept that stuff happens, but please let us know in good time.
  • Do not show up drunk or otherwise intoxicated to your shift(s). If you show up drunk, it won’t count and you won’t receive your refund

Still want to help out? Brilliant – just fill in the form below, and we’ll be in touch about how you can help. Thank you!

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