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Tickets now on sale!

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Hello everyone!

After many trials, tribulations, and technology fails, we can announce that tickets for IVFDF 2018 are now on sale! If you head over to our tickets page on the website, you can buy weekend, day, evening, and individual event tickets, as well as indoor camping and t-shirts. Our early bird prices run until the 31st of January, so get in there quick!

A quick word on waged/unwaged tickets. This is entirely for you, our attendees, to decide as to which best applies to you; if you are technically waged, but your budget is better suited to the “unwaged” bracket, please do not feel you have to pay more. The “unwaged” rate is there for those who genuinely can’t afford the “waged”, and while we’re not going to ask anyone to qualify their choice in either direction, we’d encourage those who can afford it to consider the “waged” rate. No set of words is going to cover all the options, but hopefully that makes enough sense to be going on with for the moment!

We are also opening applications for stewards. Stewards are what keep every IVFDF running, whether by sitting on the door of events, managing sleeping venues, acting as first aiders, or helping us with logistics. Whether you’ve done this before or not, you are very welcome to apply. Rewards include an obnoxiously brightly coloured t-shirt, a reduced price (or free) ticket, and the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped the Rustle, the committee, and IVFDF to keep the show on the road. Head on over to our stewarding application form to sign up!

Finally, no IVFDF would be complete without the Saturday afternoon Display Ceilidh. We are trying out a new idea, courtesy of IVFDF Central, that we hope will get more societies involved. Not every society wants to or is in a position to display something, but we want everyone to feel just as included nonetheless. Therefore, if your society is unlikely to be displaying, we would like to encourage you to send us the name (and calling card, if you’ve got it) of your society’s favourite ceilidh dance that you would like to share with IVFDF. We’ll need these a little ahead of time so our fabulous callers, Patrick and Sol, have time to get to grips with them. We are planning to have time for one item (performance or chosen dance) from each society, at the very least, but as we’ve never tried this before, we can’t make any promises just yet! The e-mail address is, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, and are looking forward to the countdown to IVFDF 2018 as much as we are! As always, if you have any problems or questions, please do get in touch with us at – please bear in mind we are as busy enjoying our holidays as you are, so we might not be as quick off the mark replying as usual.

Rustle and the IVFDF 2018 Committee

Second Lineup Announcement

Second Lineup Announcement published on 1 Comment on Second Lineup Announcement

Hello everyone!

As promised, we’re finally ready to reveal the remaining artists for IVFDF 2018. We’re sorry it’s taken so long, but once you’ve seen who we’ve got, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s been totally worth the wait.

IVFDF contras are fast becoming legendary, and in keeping with that, we have the amazing duo Buddy System coming over from America to play for us on Friday and Saturday night. Friday will be a late night techno contra with Lisa Heywood, with lights and glowsticks and some amazing electronics. On Saturday, Bob Morgan will be taking the stage with Noah and Julie for the evening contra.

For the balfolk fans coming along, we’ve got fabulous new trio Emily and the Simons playing for us on Saturday night. Expect smooth, slinky tunes, gorgeous harmonies, and brilliant compositions from these three for the perfect end to the evening.

Finally, we’ve got the wonderful Scottish Measure coming along to play for us on Saturday night for the Scottish Country Dance. We’re really looking forward to their music and know that the Scottish fans among you will love them too!

That’s just about our full lineup now, with these artists joining Steamchicken, the Melrose Quintet, Playford in the Pub, Sheffield CeilidhSoc, and all our callers. We’re working really hard on sorting out an exciting programme of workshops too – if you’re interested in running a workshop, don’t forget you can sign up to do that at this link. You’ve got until the 18th of December to do that, and we’ll make sure that we confirm with you before the early bird ticket deadline.

We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with details on ticket prices and how to get them. Until then, we hope you’re as excited as we are!

Rustle and the IVFDF Committee

First Lineup Announcement

First Lineup Announcement published on No Comments on First Lineup Announcement

Hello everyone!


So, you might have noticed we’ve been a touch quiet since the amazing weekend we had in Cambridge – they’ve given us a tough act to follow, but we’re delighted to be able to start telling you about some of the artists we’ve got lined up for you to dance to in Sheffield.

On Friday night, we have our opening ceilidh with The Melrose Quintet. Local legends Nancy, James, Jess, Richard, and Nigel will be kicking off the weekend in style with CeilidhSoc’s very own John Brown calling, as we also celebrate Rustle’s 21st birthday! John will also be acting as MC for the Sunday Survivors’ Ceilidh, under Rustle’s guiding eye as always.

Saturday’s ceilidh comes from the inimitable Steamchicken with Rhianwen Davies. Expect an undefinable sound with a blend of folk, blues, ska, and jazz, expertly led by Rhianwen, who, coincidentally, is also attending her 21st IVFDF!

If you’re more inclined to set and turn single, Friday night will also be our Playford night, where Sheffield’s own Playford in the Pub will up sticks from the Shakespeare to the Students’ Union for an evening of deeply sensible, measured dancing, as seen every month. Bring your instruments, calling cards, and dancing shoes for an evening led by Daisy Black and Andrew Swaine, with plenty of space at the front for anyone who would like to play or call.

The Display Ceilidh on Saturday afternoon will be provided by Sheffield Ceilidh Society, who will be putting together an extra special scratch band to support two of our favourite callers, Sol Loreto-Miller and Patrick Rose. There will be an opportunity for the various folk societies in attendance to show off what they can do in between all your favourite dances. There’ll be more on that very soon, but in the mean time, get thinking!

That’s all we can tell you for the moment; we are chuffed as anything to be welcoming these amazing musicians and callers to Sheffield in February. You’ll be even more excited when we can announce our amazing bal, contra, and Scottish artists – watch this space for further announcements.

All of our lineup, as it stands, is on our website, and we’ll add more artists as we confirm them – keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the website to stay up to date. Until then, we hope you’re all having a fabulous summer!

Rustle and the IVFDF 2018 Committee

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